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E-commerce SEO Services

Gone are the days, when one needed to step out of their residence or workplace to buy an item of daily need or even to purchase something expensive or extraordinary. The retail space is gradually shifting to the screens of modern-day smartphones and how! For all you know, as much as 33% of the retail sales growth in the United States is accounted for, via online sales. Needless to say, if there has ever been a great time to establish your e-commerce business online, it is today!

However, the competition is tough, and it may take you more than just good quality of services and patience to get noticed. And we happen to know, exactly what you need. With the E-commerce SEO Services, offered by our team of experts at Ally Digital Media, you can rest assured that your online shopping portal will pave its way to the top, almost effortlessly.

And we don’t need to tell you, that once your website reaches the top, it will enjoy enhanced visibility, which in turn, will help you multiply those sales figures! Trust us, staying ahead of your competition was never as easy as it is with Team Ally Digital.

What we Offer?

Here’s a list of some of the benefits that you can avail when you opt for E-Commerce Optimisation with Ally Digital Media.

  • On-page SEO
  • Performance Tracking
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Site Analysis
  • Link building
  • Content marketing and promotion
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Seamless Customer Support

Why E-Commerce Optimisation?

For all you know, a basic website is more or less static, except for some sections such as Media, Gallery, and Blog, which need to be updated regularly. On the other hand, an e-commerce site is rather complicated. Right from its unique structure, to its tens and hundreds of product pages, categorised under numerous headings and sub-headings. Add it to the season sales, offers, and other discounts, and you have a mammoth of a task to accomplish. Considering these facts, it is more than obvious that you need something more than the primitive SEO. You need to opt for optimisation that is dedicated to your need of selling goods and services online. You need E-Commerce SEO.

What is E-Commerce SEO?

SEO Services for E-Commerce essentially refers to an ongoing SEO strategy, which is designed to help your website perform optimally, at all times. The last part of the previous sentence - ‘at all times’ hols immense significance, when it comes to an e-commerce website. The reason is simple. A shopping portal, by its very nature, has innumerable products that are added and removed from its portfolio on a daily or at least a regular basis. In addition, the prices of these products change frequently with changes in discounts and other offers.

And that’s not all. With new sites coming up at an unprecedented rate, continual SEO is a must, if you wish to enjoy visibility and attract more and more customers with each passing day. Moreover, once a customer visits the site, it is rather important that he feels encouraged to make purchases. This can be done through strategic placement of various elements such as headers, banners, text, images, and links to other products that might be of interest to the customer. For what it’s worth, it is this welcoming and rather inspirational layout of the site that will ensure that the customer keeps coming back for more purchases. The target here is unpretentious - no customer should abandon the cart.

In order to help you meet this simple yet aspirational goal, our team at Ally Digital Media, makes use of a multi-faceted approach, wherein right from optimisation for various devices to purchase optimisation - everything is perfectly taken care of. With us by your side, you can rest assured of experiencing an unmatched increase in your sales and revenue.

How Do We Help?

Our dedicated team at Ally Digital Media takes into consideration all the aforementioned aspects related to E-Commerce SEO, and then, using the best of monitoring and analytics technology, optimises your website in the most efficient manner possible. That being taken care of, we follow a series of steps to ensure that your website not only enjoys the much-desired enhanced visibility but also enjoys an exceptional increase in the number of sales. These steps are -

Making the Website Easily Findable

We achieve this by using heavy analytics, in conjunction with data aggregation. Here, the key is to concentrate only on the data, which is both relevant and actionable. Then again, we make the most of our noteworthy keyword research to ensure your shopping portal enjoys the visibility that it deserves.

Creating a Compelling Home Page

For a customer to visit your website is one thing, and for him to stay long enough to make a purchase is another. When a customer stumbles upon your website, it is only a matter of a close look and a few seconds before he determines whether it is good enough to be browsed further. To ensure that the user’s decision is in favour of your website, we help you create an intriguing logo, an attractive webpage and a compelling layout that is simply irresistible. That being done, we help you manage reviews for your website, such that they make your users feel important and heard.

Using the Most Relevant Marketing Channels

Given the immense competition, it is almost impossible for any e-commerce website to make its mark without the use of certain marketing resources. This is where our team at Ally Digital comes into the picture. Not only do we make use of our trusted marketing channels to get the word out about your website, but also take the necessary measures to push the websites ranking through our multi-faceted SEO techniques.

Let’s See How?

E-commerce SEO Services - Drive traffic to your online store

If you miss out on clicks, you are missing out on sales. This statement is true if you are a big e-commerce company or a small online business or anyone who wants to make money through an e-commerce platform.

For a decade, e-commerce has been growing in a steady phase. They are predicted to be doubled in the future. If you’re starting a business, especially if you are selling a product then an e-commerce site is essential for your online sales growth. But just having an e-commerce site can promise you the sales you are dreaming of?

In today’s scenario with such an increased competition in the online market, you already know the answer. If your store does not rank on the first page or to be precise if your store doesn’t rank on the first three search results, it will be a hard time for you to have sales of your expectation and to beat out your competition.

At Ally Digital Media we offer e-commerce SEO services to help you develop a strong e-commerce SEO strategy to attain excellent brand impressions, clicks and sales.

How e-commerce SEO benefits your online store?

Data shows that 44% of online shopping is through Google search. 38% of all traffic to e-commerce sites comes from search engines whereas 23.6% of e-commerce orders results from organic traffic. When you put up your eCommerce SEO right and if you rank higher, you make sales without any recurring expense which is a great benefit over the paid ads which demand you a regular stream of income.

E-commerce SEO optimization improves the shopping experience of your potential customer which is always a good sign for a conversion. The shopping experience can be improved by mobile-friendly browsing and reduced load time of your e-commerce site. If you have a high-quality shopping experience than your competition you will rank higher eventually.

E-Commerce SEO for the website has long-lasting effects in search engines once your site appears in the top results. Our powerful team of e-commerce SEO experts can help you achieve this within a short span of time.

Research is the Basic of E-Commerce SEO Services

Research is the most basic of any e-commerce SEO that you should start working first. These are the two most important research you must do - Keyword research and Competitor research.

Keyword research

Only if you can target the right keywords you can run your campaign successfully by generating high-quality traffic and conversions, what every business wants. You should consider the relevancy, search volume, and ranking difficulty of your keyword while optimizing the pages of your website. It is always better to avoid broad and competitive keywords. Because broad keywords would end up with high bounce rates and competitive keywords will take much longer time to improve on your rankings. Be specific with your keywords.

Competitor Research

Researching on your competition who perform well in your field can have ways for you to improve on your e-commerce site. You must conduct research on the keywords your main competitors are going for, the domain authority, page authority, from where do they get their links and what is their site architecture. You should learn about your competitors not to copy them but to differentiate and improve yourself from them which can ensure that your site is better for customers.

Common e-commerce problems to be fixed

We understand the number of efforts you put in for your e-commerce site. But still, there are challenges you have to face to make shopping easier. It is not enough to see if the customer buys a product but you must focus on the whole shopping experience of your customer. Here are some common problems you must fix.

Poor-Quality Images

Make sure all your products have images from different angles that are of high quality. If people can’t see the products clearly, then there is no chance that they are going to buy it.

Poor Content and Product Descriptions

Do not use thin or very generic text for your product. Spelling mistakes or typographical errors can reduce your organic traffic. Content builds trust with your potential customers. So focus on providing accurate product details and meaningful descriptions along with relevant meta tags and meta descriptions.

Slow Speed

If your page takes a longer time to load, then you are most likely to lose many potential customers. Your e-commerce site should be optimised in such a way that people should have a good experience of shopping by comparing products, reading reviews and deciding what to buy.


Reviews are an important factor in decision making. Your product must have reviews, most importantly genuine reviews. Do not obtain reviews that are suspicious. Encourage the customers to leave reviews about what they really felt using your product.

Navigation and Forms filling

Your customer should be properly navigated to the page that your customer expects. Improper navigation can lead to losing a customer every time when it is navigated to a wrong page. Huge forms to be filled by the customer is also a negative point for your site. Keep your forms simple yet significant.

Influencer marketing for your e-commerce

A strong social media presence can be beneficial to your e-commerce business in numerous ways. Social media can help you to connect with your customers on a much deeper level and helps you to stay relevant in your market and make loyal customers who are updated about your product as soon as you make any changes or offers. This is where social media influencers can influence people for generating new leads for your business. You have to make sure you focus on the right influencer who has the right target audience for your business.

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Ecommerce SEO is all about being sure your product pages appear among those ten organic search results. Our specialization in Ecommerce SEO shall help you rank your page/ website. Contact us further to know more.


Ecommerce SEO plays a very important role when it comes to ranking an Ecommerce site. It helps to improve your SEO and overall usability and conversion rate.

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